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Folding Bike Buying Guide

Posted By on May 16, 2016

A folding bike is not quite what you are used to with a normal bike. A normal bike is bulky and requires space for storage but a folding bike is adjustable, allowing you to fold it. This makes a folding bike to be suitable for you if living upstairs or in an apartment with little space. Maybe as you commute daily you need to use a bus and with a folding knife, you can easily fit into the baggage compartment. If you are in the market looking for a folding bike then a folding bike guide will come in handy. A folding bike guide will help you choose a folding bike that best suit your needs.


A folding bike will help you know the different options and features to look out for. A folding bike is more expensive compared to a standard bike but this is because a folding bike offers you the advantage of easy storage and it can be easily transported. It is also suitable for riders of any height making them suitable for people who share their bike with friends or spouses.


A folding bike guide will assist you to choose a bike according to how you intend to use the bike. When choosing a folding bike, consider whether you are buying it due to space constraints, because you wish to use it for commuting or for touring. For storage you want a bike that takes the least space possible but for commuting you have to choose a folding bike that is strong but easily foldable; a bike you can fold and unfold quickly. You also have to consider getting the bike that is easy to lock using a latch and does not necessarily require a bag to hold it closed. This is to ensure it does not take up so much of your time when folding and unfolding it. For touring, a folding bike guide will help you to choose a strong and comfortable folding bike.


The guide will point out the comfort, weight, and adjust-ability of each folding bike according to the purpose you intend to use it for. If you intend to use the bike for long periods each time you use it then the bike should be really comfortable for long rides. You have to consider the weight of a folding bike when buying it because you want a bike that you can easily carry and even take upstairs easily when necessary. A folding bike guide will assist you to choose a bike that is easy to adjust. To make the riding experience more comfortable, you should choose a bike that has adjustable parts such as the handlebar and the seat to ensure that a person of any height can ride the bike.


When looking for a folding bike, get a folding bike guide. A good guide will help you to know what features to look out for so as to choose a folding bike that best suits you.

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People who are into home improvement projects are always interested in learning more about home improvement and using their knowledge on a daily basis. If you want to make a difference in your home and make your home a more pleasant place to live try working on some of these six home improvement projects!

  1. Loud Hinges

Not to mention it in particular, but noise can be an absolutely dreadful thing in a home. Luckily loud door hinges can quickly be fixed just by applying some WD-40 spray onto them, or any other lubricant for that matter. The spray will in fact lube the hinges, so that the squeaking finally stops. Applying some petroleum jelly could also do the trick if you rub it on squeaky hinges. You can also try applying some three-in-one oil, and it will pretty much solve your problem.

  1. Furniture Pads

In order to protect your furniture as well as your wooden floors from getting scratches, make sure you get some furniture pads! This takes just a couple of moments and bear in mind that unattended heavy chairs and furniture can quickly wear away the finish on your wooden floor! This is precisely why you should put pads and stickers onto before the damage is done.

  1. Scratched Woodwork

If the damage is already done, there is nothing you can do, right? Well, luckily you are wrong. If you happen to discover scratches on your woodwork, do not freak out, it can be fixed. You can try coloring the indents with tea bags or coffee, so that the scratches are virtually invisible! Alternatively, use sandpaper to level out the area before re-varnishing it. Moreover, you can also wax the area in order to give it a uniform color, use a lemon or fill the indent with some nuts such as rubbing an almond or walnut.

  1. Leaky Pipes

I would wholeheartedly recommend that you frequently check your pipes so that you can notice the smallest leaks. It is important that you fix the small leaks the moment you discover them, this will make it a lot easier for you to fix the damage in time and it will help you deal with it. If you cannot fix the leakage yourself, make sure you call a plumber before the damage is too big!

  1. Clogged Spouts

Cleaning the spouts is especially important in order to be able to protect the fa├žade, as well as the walls, and the whole appearance of your home. If you clean the spouts regularly, you will make sure that the development of unnecessary mold does not happen and remember, clean spouts make less noise!

  1. Sound Speaker System

Small sound speakers or most commonly known as soundbars can be a great addition to make your home good clean and stylish. Soundbars are perfect for minimalists who want a quality solution for their sound system and an affordable one too.

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